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Reverse Osmosis Is A Method that Removes Contaminants

Alkaline water is pure and nutritional for your body. And will ensure safe drinking of pure quality water for you and your family. 

Water purification is a method that is ‘used to remove contaminants. The contaminants that dwell in your tap water also come from recycled sewage water. It is disgusting that they would treat it only to shove it right back into our throats for us to drink. 

I could understand why the astronauts drink their filtered urine. They had no choice, but this is ridiculous. The water only gets treated with chlorine and other chemicals. They do not use reverse osmosis systems. They clean it with chlorine and other chemicals, but that will remain in the water as well.



Drinking Tap Water Is Not Safe 

Our city treatment centers are recycling sewage water and running it right back to us in our pipes. Our underground pipes are most likely a hundred years old or more. That is why we found copper, aluminum, iron, zinc, mercury, magnesium, and calcium. And this is why we should use a purification system to remove all contaminants.




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Health benefits of alkaline water

These water purification filters will produce pure alkaline water. Springwater was ‘considered safe to drink in the 1800 hundreds. The ‘groundwater now has been tested and found contaminated with pesticides and herbicides from farming industries. These pesticides and chemicals have siped into the ground throughout the years of agriculture.

‘Being safe by using a reverse osmosis water purification system. The benefits of drinking alkaline water are not only good for you nutritionally. But ‘will also help flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well. Not hard to install yourself if you want to save on hiring someone to do it, and I know how expensive that can be.



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Why should you invest in a water purification system?

‘Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants like (Chlorine, fluoride, magnesium, calcium, and many others. 

‘There is are a variety of advanced filtration systems ranging from 5 to 11 stages of reverse osmosis purifiers. 

Water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify water. Also, for commercial and industrial uses, a process that is pure and very nutritious. 

It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells in your that remain in your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. Most of all, when you use alkaline water ‘to cook with, it makes a big difference in the taste. 

There is a chemical compound called BPA made with plastic for the inside seal. ‘When you leave a bottle of water inside a hot car. The: ‘BPA chemical will leak into your water and will cause cancer. So, is it not better to have your water purification system? Reverse osmosis water purifiers come with easy-to-install instructions. 

You may have heard that there are many benefits of alkaline water. 

Some say it can regulate your body’s ph level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer. 

Alkaline water has a ph level that is higher than normal tap drinking water. Because! of its ability to neutralize the acids in your body. And’ removes any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. That is why our bodies need to get the proper nourishment from alkaline water. ‘For better functionality and optimization.

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