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What is Alkaline?

It has been ‘said that many benefits of alkaline water are good for your health. It can regulate your body ph level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer. ‘Because tap water contains over a hundred contaminants. Our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink.

And this is why it is contaminated. Because’ the city water treatment centers are too cheap to use reverse osmosis systems. ‘And it ‘would be too hard and expensive to maintain. If you want to go to a city ‘where they use reverse osmosis systems, you would have to go to Singapore. That place is the only one that does that for their people.

Yes, the reverse osmosis systems would be too expensive ‘for them to buy and maintain every 6-months or so. So’ they only throw alum, chlorine, fluoride to per-say clean the sewage water with, saying this will clean it. For one, alum is nothing more than aluminum melted down with sulfuric acid. That and the chemicals remain in the water. The many metals that it contains. Like copper, aluminum, lead, iron, zinc, arsenic, fluoride, magnesium, and calcium.


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The alkalinity of alkaline water has a high pH level. The ph. level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale from 7 to 14, and it is a higher level than tap or bottled water. When you drink alkaline water,

it will help flush out your system and kidneys. It will kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. There is no other machine that can remove all those contaminants from dirty nasty recycled sewage water.

E-Coli comes from animal and human waste and has ‘been ‘found in tap water along with the rest of the other hundreds of contaminants. E-Coli’ will kill. ‘This is one of the reasons why people are dying of foodborne poisoning. The companies use only tap water to process the food packaging. And tap water is also known as hard water because of all of the contaminants it holds.


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Bottled water is ‘not even safe to drink anymore because the BPA will leak into your water and give you cancer. All canned foods and processed products are created with tap water ‘not reverse osmosis alkaline water. This is why they found E-Coli in tv dinners and other food packages.

Alkaline water has high alkalinity that reaches a level from 7 to 14. ‘And, is higher than drinking water because of its ability to neutralize the acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. in and remove them from your body. And flush out your entire system of acidic cells.

There is no better water than alkaline water because of its high ph. ‘level. Many people are dying of foodborne illness because companies use tap water and additives to plastic food packaging. E-Coli has been found in them already. And E-Coli comes from human and animal waste.

What is Acidic Water?

Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in, and that is why your body must get the proper care and nourishment. ‘Here ‘you ‘can see how I had done a chemical test on a bottle of water, and the water turns yellow because it is acidic. And everyone should know that yellow means acidic. When I did a test on alkaline water, it turns ‘purple or blue depending on its alkalinity.

Alkaline water contains minerals that can help bring you back into better health. Once those acidic cells in your body are gone, you will start to feel a ‘very ‘big difference with more energy. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Geekpure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System-75GPD


It will flush out your entire system, including your kidneys. Your valve movement will improve if you have problems with constipation. I am living proof of it. It is the best pure quality water you can ever drink. Without those harmful chemicals,

our city treatment centers have added to the water to clean the water. Chlorine, and fluoride, are used but will remain in your tap water. And this is dangerous to drink. It will cause cancer, hepatitis c, gastrointestinal disease, bone disease, heliobacteria pylori, and the list goes on.


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