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Do you invest in your family’s good health?

I have done research about the dangers of tap water. And I have discovered that it contains more than a hundred contaminants. Our city water treatment centers have been recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink, saying that it is safe to drink now.



But it is not. Tap water is also known as hard water because of the metals and chemicals found in it. The worst is E-Coli bacteria that kills. E-Coli is animal and human waste, and this is why we find it in tap water. They have also found E-Coli in processed foods. ‘Because they produce their product with tap water!



Tap water holds over one hundred contaminants. ‘To name a few. Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium, Calcium are some ‘of the metals, and E-Coli, Gastrointestinal disease, Helicobacter Pylori, Hepatitis C, are a few viruses and other Diseases.



E-Coli is a ‘major factor on this topic because this disease comes from animal and human waste. And is known to have killed thousands already. E-Coli has already been ‘found in processed foods.

‘Since tap water holds over one hundred contaminants. ‘Here are a few to name.






Calcium is some ‘of the metals, and some of the diseases are, E-ColiGastrointestinal diseaseHelicobacter Pylori, Hepatitis C. 


Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems

Some of these diseases and viruses will kill. And I will say it again, E-Coli is a ‘major factor on this topic because this disease comes from animal and human waste. And is known to have killed thousands already. E-Coli has already been ‘found in processed foods. And cleaning sewage water with just chemicals is just as bad because the Chlorine and fluoride they are cleaning the sewage water with will still remain in the water.


And it has been said that the benefits of alkaline water will increase your immune systems and bring you back to optimal health. It can regulate your body ph. level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer and other viruses. ‘Because of its ability to neutralize the acids in your body, you can rely on its prevention of diseases. And will remove any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. That is why our body needs to get the proper nourishment ‘for better functionality.


Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Water purification methods will remove all of the contaminants from hard water. And will produce excellent quality alkaline water that is pure for you and your family to dink. Some use it for industrial purposes, and hospitals use it for cleanliness and cooking. Alkaline water is of excellent quality and nutritional. Alkaline water will ensure safe drinking, pure excellent quality water for you and your family.


‘Too many people are dying from foodborne Illness recently, and part of the reason ‘why is because they are only using tap water to process food in plastic containers. ‘Like your famous TV dinner. And, as I said before, tap water has E-Coli in it. E-Coli comes from human waste.


There is another reason why tv dinners packages can be dangerous. Once’ the tv dinner is placed in the microwave oven, another thing will happen, in which the food gets overheated’ to the point that the BPA melts into the food.


The reason for all of these contaminants dwelling in your tap water is because of the recycled sewage water treatment centers that are sending that water back to us. It is disgusting that they would treat it with chemicals only to send it back for us to drink.


I could understand why the astronauts drank their filtered urine. But they had no choice, and it was their own, ‘and not the one million living in the city. But this I will not drink because it ‘is not filtered with a reverse osmosis ‘system.


That would be too expensive for them to afford and to maintain. The water only gets treated and not filtered through reverse osmosis systems as other places would. They per-say clean it with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals, but those chemicals do not get removed. And they will remain in your water.



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Is Tap Water Drinkable?

Our city treatment centers are recycling sewage water and running it right back to us in our pipes. Those pipes are probably more than a hundred years old, and they wait for them to break a leak to fix them. The ‘problem is that there is so much buildup from all the chemicals they ‘used to clean the water. Here are a few of the names they are.


Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic, Chloroform, Uranium, Mercury, and the list goes on. And they expect us to drink that? They say the FDA approved it. Who signs for the approval has to be the president ‘of course. That is why we found all these metals and contaminants in the water. And those were only a few to name.


Well, I got news for you. To prove ‘to you that the water is no good to drink, I will share this little link to show you how many contaminants you have in your city water right now. I made it easy ‘for you to look up your location so, I went directly to the link because EWG health guidelines have many ‘links.


But it’s under Tap Water/DataBase. All you do is type in your zip code, and you will find the results of your tap water of how many contaminants it holds and how many of them have exceeded the EWG health guidelines.


Reverse osmosis purifiers will produce excellent quality alkaline water. And will help flush out your entire system ‘including your kidneys. Springwater was, considered safe to drink in the days around the eighteenth century. But it has been contaminated by pesticides and herbicides from farming industries.



The water must be ‘evaluated for it to be safe to drink. These chemicals have sunk into the ground throughout the years and contaminated the groundwater. Be safe by using a reverse osmosis water purification system. and drinking alkaline water that is good and nutritious’ for you. It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well. Not hard to install yourself if you want to save on hiring someone to do it and, I know how expensive that can be.



Is Bottled Water Safe To Drink?

To truth is that all plastic ‘is ‘made with BPA, and it is not as safe anymore. And this is with the FDA approval of (BPA Bisphenol A). It is supposed to be heat resistant ‘but, research and studies have proven ‘it to melt and leak into your water or processed food containers when put in the microwave under overheating conditions.



I drove by a grocery store ‘that had over a hundred cases of bottled water outside in the hot sun, on hot pavement. It does not take long for the BPA to leak into that water. In fact, most people do not know that the BPA will ‘leak into your water if left in a hot car as well.



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Why use a water purification system?

‘Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants than any other system. There are more advanced filtration systems of reverse osmosis purifiers. Water purification systems have the same technologies ‘used to purify and remove all contaminants from your tap water.


It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells that remain in your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation.


There’s a chemical compound called ‘BPA made with plastic to make the plastic firmer and ‘for the so-called protective layer inside. When a ‘bottle of water ‘is left in a hot car, the BPA will leak into your water and become dangerous and detrimental to your health.


It will give you cancer. So, is it not better to have your water purification system? Reverse osmosis water purifiers come with easy-to-install instructions, and you need no professional to do it for you cause all you need is a ranch and two hands.




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