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How to produce alkaline water

Alkaline water is a process of filtering water through a membrane filtration system. A reverse osmosis water purifier. In which it passes through to remove all metals and contaminants that are in our tap water. The city water treatment centers. have been recycling sewage water and sending it back to us to drink.

Everyone should know that our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. ‘Sending it right back to us to drink. Why are they doing this? Because it is a cheaper way to clean water with just chemicals instead of using a reverse osmosis system. 

They recycled it by only adding chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. ‘This will only per-say clean the water. And the reason they will not use a reverse osmosis system “is that it’s too expensive to buy and maintain the reverse osmosis filters.


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It would be better if the water could come from the ocean or river. Reverse osmosis systems will remove all the salt and sediments but. It would be more expensive for them to buy and maintain the filters. Finally, the cheaper way would be the best way to them, is to save the company money.

Since’ that is all they are doing. ‘This is still not enough to make that nasty water drinkable. Even though it’s cleaned with ‘chlorine, ‘the chemicals will remain in the water. Just adding chemicals will not remove all the metals and the rest of the contaminants.

‘With just chlorine and other chemicals is not enough to clean the water as far as I am concerned. The contaminants from the sewage water will remain in the water. E-Coli is one of them, and it comes from sewage water. E-Coli is animal and human waste.

E-Coli is animal and human waste. And will cause Gastric cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, Hepatitis C. Some of the metals tap water contain are copper, aluminum, zinc, iron, magnesium, lead, and calcium, but not the kind you find in a banana or milk. These are all in an inorganic form type of minerals and metals that are dangerous for your health.

Escherichia coli


Singapore uses reverse osmosis systems to take care of its people. Why can the united states use them to take care of us? It would be great but, they are not doing so. ‘Because they are too cheap to be that generous for us to have pure water. So, that would be too expensive for them to buy and maintain those filters every six months or whenever they need to be ‘replaced.

That” being said, My advice is not to drink tap water from that faucet. Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants. ‘The bacteria E-Coli comes from raw sewage and causes E-Coli causes infections and will remain in the water even though they say they cleaned it with chlorine and other chemicals. People have known to die from E-Coli infections.

The safest way is to drink pure alkaline water and not tap or bottled water. Bottled water ‘turns yellow when I did a chemical test on it because it is acidic. And acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. Your water purification system ‘will save you hundreds.

If you have been buying every month, reverse osmosis will save you money. Buying bottled water will no more be needed. And besides, alkaline water reaches a ph. ‘Level from 7 to 14. And will kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow.



. Is Tap Water Safe?

Tap water contains over a hundred contaminants. And the only way to remove these contaminants. ‘Is with a reverse osmosis purification system. And our city water pipes must be a hundred years old or more. All these metals I mentioned come from dirty recycled water and rusty pipes. Calcium and magnesium build-ups. It will eventually make them get clogged up.

They say if you boil water, it will kill the bacteria. But the bacteria will remain in the water dead. And the metals will only multiply. So it is not advisable to drink tap water. Boiling water will only lose all the good nutrients that it already had in it. You could use one of those distilled water purifiers. But they only have a couple of filters and no carbon filter like reverse osmosis systems.


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Is bottled water safe?

When I did a chemical test on a ‘bottle of water, it turned yellow because it is acidic. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. The only pure water you are going to find is through reverse osmosis filtration systems. There is also a chemical called BPA made with plastic for the protective layer inside.

CNN has declared the water unsafe to drink. If left in a hot car, the BPA will leak into your water and ‘will give you cancer if you drink it. Have you ever seen a hot plastic bottle turn soft when you grab it? That is because the BPA has lost its grip and released its self right into the water.

 Now imagine if an 18 wheeler is delivering bottled water without air-conditioning. It would end up contaminated with the BPA by the time it arrives at its destination. Because some go from state to state, and hours of traveling in the hot Sun.

Here is a picture I took of a grocery store. ‘Stacking their cases of bottled water outside on the pavement in the hot Sun. Why? They had no room in the store to keep them because they ‘have no more room for them in the store. ‘This is what I mean ‘folks, ‘you never know where the bottles have been or end up like these. Now imagine how long and how many days does an 18 wheeler shipping bottled water take before the destination?

Several hours if not days across the country without air-conditioning vents in the hot summer season. Now that we know about BPA, what about the plastic food containers, like TV dinners, ext. While you are heating up the food in the microwave it heats up the food thus overheating the plastic to the point of melting down BPA into your food.


What about Springwater?

Its use, to be safe to drink spring water. But, with so ‘much, farming industries spraying pesticides and herbicides on the crops we will be eating. And since this has been going around throughout the years, Pesticides and herbicides have contaminated the groundwater.

‘Because it became full of chemical contamination that will also be cancerous to your health. ‘That ‘being said, The water needs to be tested as well to ensure safe drinking water. Once again, your only best bet is to get a water purification system.

Those faucet screws on the little filter are not good enough because it does not filter out contaminants. E-Coli comes from animal and human waste, and ‘that is in our tap water because the city treating it with only chemicals is not good enough either.

For one, the chemicals are still in the water they per-say cleaned it. To me, all they did ‘was bleached the water to make it clear. Alum is one of the chemicals that is added to water to make it clear-looking. And alum is made from aluminum. But it does not remove contaminants and, you will still be drinking chemicals with the water.



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